Entertain Them

Don’t just inform them! Entertain them!

I’m Joe and I make videos (and have since 1995) from my base of operations in American Fork, Utah.

Do you need a video made? Or do you want to hire a video strategist?

This is my favorite kind of video to make – explaining a product by how it benefits the lives of customers in a practical, beautifully-photographed way. From conception to delivery, this is all my work.

I loved the concept of this special effects-based YouTube commercial from the moment that BluApple’s people approached me with it. Shot, cut and composited by yours truly.

An oldie but a goodie, I worked for Isagenix for years making videos before I was allowed to make one project that was all my own from script to screen. This video has accompanied Isagenix from a $25M/month company to a billion-dollar company and it is still a favorite with Isagenix distributors nearly ten years later!

I do motion graphics in a lot of my videos (two-dimensional pictures that move on the screen, like a PowerPoint slide but better). In this one for LegalShield (formerly “PrePaid Legal”) I also use 3D graphics to show off the cross-platform mobile functionality of the app. All of the device screens in this video – including the CGI ones – were added after the fact because the video was made BEFORE the app was out of development. Can you pick out which shots are stock footage and which ones were shot by me?

Targeting everyone is targeting no one. YOR Health wanted a video that speaks to athletes and not just the same weight loss target audience that they usually appealed to. Interviewing a legendary olympian, an NFL Hall of Famer and Heismann Trophy winner and working with Jeff Castle of Star Trek fame made this a truly delightful video to work on.

You know how sometimes you put a DVD into a DVD Player and you can just tell that this was a Hollywood-grade production? This Pre-Loader comes up at the beginning of each DVD in The Body Code series and then loads the menu over the white box that comes up at the end. I specialize in DVD Authoring (yes, there are people who still use DVD’s) and multi-language support. I could talk all day long about how this is done right and how it isn’t done right, but why don’t you just watch the cool pre-loader, instead?

At least two or three times a year, I get a client who comes to me with his head wagging and a blunt confession: “Joe! I tried to shoot my own videos and I don’t know why they don’t look as good as yours!” All I can do is smile and say: “don’t worry, I’ll fix it.”

Chocolate that makes you lose weight? Get outta here!

I love shooting testimonials. Especially when I can sit down and have a conversation with a person so casually that before it is over they say “Wait! You were filming that whole time? That was too easy!”

After I made Cleansed for Life, Isagenix wanted a branding video that showcased not just the weight loss benefits of their products but also celebrated their business opportunity.

Just for fun. This is the song “Mountain Man” performed unplugged by the Crash Kings and I was lucky enough to get to shoot it for a popular radio station in Arizona. Really nice guys and a lot of fun to hear the song performed raw.

What? Not enough?
I have 400 more where that came from on Vimeo

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