Sam Harris is right about Ben Affleck, Reza Aslan and Islam’s Liberal radical sellouts.

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[mashshare] This is now an excerpt from my book, The Korihor Argument: A Missionary’s Journey Out of Mormonism. The subject that has sparked Liberal-vs-Atheist tirades in the media and online since October of last year was criticism from New Testament scholar and fair-weather Christian-Muslim Reza Aslan that claimed that Sam Harris and his “New Atheist” movement […]


Why underestimating Bernie Sanders is a huge mistake.

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[mashshare] You can hardly see Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on TV without hearing the words “income and wealth inequality” and “millions of good jobs”. But listen carefully to what else he says: “Don’t underestimate me.” The reason why? Revolution Messaging. It sounds like the name of a comic book distributor but it is made up of […]