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MP3 FILE: Secret Recording of Joe Rawlins Excommunication Proceedings (238 MB)


Author Bio

Joe Rawlins is the ex-Mormon author of The Korihor Argument: A Missionary’s Journey of Mormonism.

Now an atheist and humanist, Rawlins has committed to donate $2 from the sale of each copy of of his controversial book to improve access to the education of the children of Peru, where he served as a Mormon missionary in 1999-2001.

Film and Video Career

Producer Joe Rawlins started in professional Video Production as a teenager in 1995 and worked in corporate video until 2015, taking a two year break from the industry to serve as a missionary for the Mormon Church from 1999-2001, where he lost his faith in God.

Now focusing on documentary filmmaking, Rawlins has been two years in production on a film about the sexual confessions of Mormons (www.mormon-sex.com).


Other details

Twitter: @joerawlinsmedia

Facebook: facebook.com/korihorwins

Rawlins, an Arizona native, lives in American Fork, UT with his wife and three children.