The Korihor Argument is the story of a Mormon boy who volunteered for a mission and soon found himself further and further from faith. That boy was me and this memoir of my journey will uplift and inspire, it will drive into pondering (not “ponderizing” – inside joke) and it will tell the truth. This is me putting my whole blunt and honest story out to the scrutiny of the world.

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Secret recording of my Disciplinary Council

(Or you can listen and read the transcript of my speech along with my excommunication letter, here.)

Excerpts from The Korihor Argument



Galileo was wrong. So was The Book of Mormon.


Gravity is just a theory, too (or Galileo vs. Joseph Smith Part II; Darwin’s Revenge)


If God doesn’t exist, then why do most people believe in God?

  • HaroldTheCat

    Interesting excommunication…thanks for sharing.

  • Johnny Bocchetti

    The corporate counterfeit gospel of Joe Smith ..

  • larryj

    You are a bright, honest and heroic young man. This “court of love” you have recorded here is glimpse into a sick, perverted, superstitious religion, the Mormon Church. I only hope I can have the opportunity to bear my testimony to a high council in this way. Reading section 132 verbatim to those who are judging you is inspired. Every Mormon should listen to this recording to understand the concept of the “apostate” in the modern LDS church.

    • UnreasonableMan

      Thank you!

  • Evan Murri

    Dear Mr. Rawlins,

    I have written a compilation of topics about the Mormon Church, primarily related to Joseph
    Smith and the historical facts, but also, observations about how discovering these facts affected
    me personally as a devout Mormon. (I have had my name removed—I didn’t want to be ex’d)

    Most of the material was written about 15 years ago (then, for personal reasons, I put it away
    and let it grow cold). But I had put hundreds and hundreds of hours into research—and now
    have decided I mustn’t let all that go to waste.

    I’m much too close to be objective as to whether it’s worthy of publication, but that would be my
    goal, if possible. I have submitted it for copyright; hopefully that wouldn’t be a problem.
    I don’t consider myself an author, and I have no idea about how to go about getting my book
    published, or who I might talk to for that purpose.

    So, my question is: do you have any suggestions or advice?
    I would very much appreciate any thoughts that you might have.

    Evan Murri

    • UnreasonableMan

      Have someone else read it and give you advice. IF the moment is right, I recommend self-publication through Createspace and KDP.

  • DG31

    I love it when people abandon something they used to believe just because they don’t understand it (and maybe never did) decide to make it their life goal to tear down the faith of others who willingly and knowingly believe what they believe.

    Oh, I’m sure you have your reasons and feel extremely justified. It’s still skeazy.

    (And you really think you don’t evangelize or promote your disbelief? It’s become your entire identity. You’re just like all the rest of them. It must be nice to know everything.)

    • UnreasonableMan

      I don’t recall having implied that I knew everything. In fact, my book is about how we don’t know everything and should think more about the things that we don’t know, rather than giving up on knowing by exercising faith.